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Themes: Messages from Beyond, or Just My Weird Brain?

theme pusher

Original Artwork

Ever say the same thing as someone else, at the same time, or start singing the same song at the same time as someone else?  Or start seeing the same kind of thing over and over again within one day, or one week, or a period of time?  Or think “That was one weird guy” and see someone that looks just like him on TV?

Some time ago- maybe last year or two years ago, I started noticing that images or concepts repeat themselves at me.  Yes, at me.  Maybe things just get ‘on my radar,’ maybe it’s marketing, or maybe they are ::messages from beyond.::  So, out of curiosity as a kind of paranormal experiment, I started keeping track.  I call them ‘themes.’

You may remember from another post that I was flooded with butterfly imagery for a while; I saw them everywhere, so much so, that I expected to see a butterfly image every day.  I started noticing other themes, such as:  I saw two turntables with paintbrushes making art while browsing the ‘net, and a child nearby starts singing “two turntables and a microphone.”  Is he psychic?  Am I?  What’s going on?

My theory is that there’s ::something (or someone) out there:: sending messages, and so far, if I’m being inundated with them, they have been positive messages for my life’s direction.  But that’s just a theory.  It could just be that I’m just noticing a bunch of things and my mind over obsesses, and over-interprets meaning into things.  It’s probably a pagan way of thinking to think “Oooh that must be an omen!”

No matter where the themes come from, it’s been fun to keep track of them and ponder “What’re the powers that be telling me?” Maybe you can help.  Here’s the latest ones that I’ve been keeping track of, since last November. Can you piece them together into a coherent message?  (I just had a flashback to Highlights for Kids…. what I just said sounded like it could have come from there!  Loved those as a kid!)

11/15/12 Wedding proposals

11/26/12 Grapefruit

11/26/12 Berries/fruit

Tripping others


12-11-12 Anti-war

12-11-12 to 12-12-12: airplane cloud trails

12-12-12:  Asians

12-12-12:  generous moms/grandmas

12-11-12 to 12-12-12: Army/Navy

12-10-12 to 12-12-12: seals (the animal)

12-13-12 Horrible evil acts

12-15-12 Crescent moon

12-15-12 humble people changing the world/heros

12-15-12 Radio DJs

Blue butterflies

(last ½ of December): revival church meetings in fiction

Were-wolves and vampires (may be self-inflicted theme, not coincidental)

(lost track here a bit)

12-26-12 Admitting ones’ age out loud, perception of age


Las Tapatillas

Wee ones in mermaid costumes

1-21-13 (weekend):  Native Americans, Cowboys, and something else that I forgot! And Russell also (road signs) oh and cemetaries. Maybe that’s it.

1-22-13 haircuts (short bangs): Michelle Obama’s and mine (and Audrey Hepburn’s)

1-23-13 Octupi

Last week (2/8 ish)  Romeo

This week (2/11-2/13ish) – there were two that I’m forgetting! Durnit!

2/13:  I saw 6 butterfly imageries while in one thrift store.



Yellow and red painted planes or helicopters

The Walking Dead or Dead something or other, zombie stuff

2/23 Spontaneously breaking out into song

3/3 Cars in process of being repainted- with different colors on different parts of them

3/5 identifying trees by their leaves

March:  birds.  1) baby feather on doorstep with dark heart shape at tip  2) a bunch of feathers hanging out on my living room floor like they belonged there… have no idea where they came from 3) Raven, huge, flying down to the pavement by my car which is in front of my townhome yesterday morning (on 3/6/13), squawking, and flying off.


Of course, I especially like the bit about the birds!  Is this a new imagery-flood going on, like the butterflies?  Is this related to the dream I had where my friend turned into a crow?

And, just for the record… just cuz I notice it or see several images of the same thing does NOT mean I like it.  I mean, babies in mermaid costumes?  What’s up with that one?!